Jewelry Repair, Redesign & Custom Jewelry Design

Master Jeweler Eddie goes over a client repair with Starflower's co-owner Cait.
Starflower Jewelry is founded and focused on excellent craftsmanship, custom design, and innovative solutions for jewelry repairs and redesigns in addition to our personalized attention to clients.

Located in Huntington Station, Starflower provides repair and design services locally on Long Island, and across the US.

As a master craftsman with over 40 years experience, Starflower co-founder and master jeweler Eddie oversees all jewelry repair, design, and fabrication services. Whether you’re in need of a simple ring resizing, you’re looking to redesign old family jewelry into a new heirloom, or you want to create a custom design from scratch, Starflower Jewelry is your go-to.

With our wide breadth of technical knowledge and skill, dedication to quality craftmanship, and our passion for design, Starflower can help you with all of your jewelry repairs and design needs.

Our repairs are done on-site at our flagship location in Huntington Station, including while-you-wait repairs & stone setting!

Services & Specialties Include:

Stone Setting

Eddie is a master diamond and gemstone setter, and has set hundreds of thousands of diamonds and colored stones over the years. He is a master stone setter for all types of jewelry settings – prong-set, bezels, pave & micro-pave settings, channel settings, and more.

No job is marked "Complete" until he has personally reviewed any and all work done by our highly-trained jewelers. No matter how your diamond or colored stone needs to be set, you can rest assured that if Starflower Jewelry is setting it, your stone will be safe, secure and handled with care.

CAD/CAM Modeling & Custom Design Work

In addition to having top-notch jewelers behind the bench, Starflower Jewelry are also experts at designing custom pieces of jewelry. Our master jeweler has designed and created countless pieces over the years, turning clients sketches into breathtaking wearable works of art.

Starflower’s experience designing and crafting jewelry is expansive, including classic casting and modeling techniques, as well as working directly with CAD/CAM Designers to create inspired pieces of jewelry.

We have embraced the cutting-edge Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Modeling technology that has becoming increasingly popular within the jewelry industry, and work directly with CAD/CAM designers to create custom pieces.
From idea to finished piece, Starflower's team knows how to make your dream jewelry a reality. Pictured is a Toi et Moi Ring from CAD Model to Finished Piece
Custom pieces modeled with CAD/CAM are designed to client’s specifications, including fitting heirloom stone with precision, ensuring that their one-of-a-kind pieces are not only gorgeous, but durable, and will stand the test of time.

Working directly with CAD/CAM Designers allows clients to see 3D Renderings of their piece before it is cast, and make design tweaks and changes faster than ever before.

Our intimate knowledge of jewelry modeling and hands-on fabrication experience allows us to translate our client’s ideas into a tangible pieces of jewelry.

Soldering & Repair

With decades of experience repairing and resizing jewelry of all types, Eddie is truly a master of his craft, and has become the go-to jeweler for repairwork of all types. He has restored and repaired countless “irreparable” pieces, and has built a reputation throughout the industry as the jeweler to go to when you’re looking for perfection.

Our jewelers are all experts with both torch soldering and laser soldering, and has worked with all types of precious metals, including 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, platinum, and sterling silver. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about the benefits and challenges of working with different metal types and colors, and we are able to seamlessly repair all types of rings, chains, pendants, clasps, and other pieces of fine jewelry.

From basic repairs such as bent prongs, resetting, and solder spots, to complicated restoration projects, no job is too big or too small for Starflower's jewelers, and every job is treated with the same precision, priority, and care.

Our jewelers' soldering and repairwork is impeccable, and even those with a trained eye have trouble spotting where repair work was done – once a piece of jewelry is repaired and polished by Starflower, it’s once again as stunning as the day it was made.

Jewelry Polishing

One of the most important steps of a flawless repair is polishing the piece after the solder spots and other repairs have been completed. Our jewelers are meticulous when it comes to polishing – rings we've resized are seamless, and even more complicated, involved repair work is immaculate once we're finished the final polishing of the item.

From start to finish, Starflower treats each repair and redesign with the utmost care, ensuring that your treasured jewelry looks as good as the day you purchased it.

Starflower Jewelry accepts all types of jewelry repair and design work from both jewelry retailers & the general public.

Please email to book an appointment to discuss your custom project, or for a quote on repairing your broken necklace, ring, bracelet, or other piece of fine jewelry.

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